AdaptLift® has been created specifically for people who need a little extra help either with adjusting the height of their office chair or getting in and out of it.

Designed in conjunction with an Occupational Therapist and available as part of the adapt600 range, AdaptLift comes as a complete chair with your choice of seat and backrest size.
It’s also compatible with our AdaptV600 backrests

It is electronically height and tilt adjustable and features a built-in MLOCK™ braking system to hold it still.

Powered with a high-performance rechargeable battery system, AdaptLift is easy to operate and provides a smooth, assured lift & tilt function.

The tilt range: 4 degrees backward (negative) 20 degrees forward (positive)

AdaptLift is specified using our easiSpec system.

Support Range


35 kg - 150 kg


1.2 m - 2.2 m



Width: Min 410 mm - Max 610 mm

Depth: Min 450 mm - Max 580 mm

Other information

Product seat height

Min 490 mm - Max 900 mm

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