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The combination of Ergochair’s range of bespoke products with on-demand manufacturing gives you the ability to meet any need quickly.

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Ergochair provides training and resources to all of our dealers. Our dealer training program and access to our products is tiered into two levels.

Level I dealers have access to our Zen range while Level II dealers have access to both Zen and Adapt.

Why Become An Ergochair Dealer?

A Few Of The Key Benefits.
Incredible Trade Discount Pricing PLUS
  • Regular CPD accredited training
  • Phone support and access to our business development team
  • Dealer branded multimedia
  • Demo stock and assessment kit access
  • Access to our assessment facilities and showroom

Why Recommend Ergochair Comfort Posture Support Value

Various options of back sizes and air cell supports as

standard that can also be personalised with bespoke

adaptations for the ultimate support.

Different foam constructions, air cell options and bespoke

adaptations for complete customisation.

Seven arm options with adaptations including

bespoke bracketry, gel pads and upholstered arm pads

to support a variety of needs.

All the mechanisms feature a wide range of adjustability

in collaboration with a free float system to provide an on-going ‘active’ sit.

Range of castors to suit different floor surfaces

and/or different needs of the client.

Numerous options available to cater for a wide range of

needs and/or requirements from support when

reclined to hyper kyphosis.

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