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6 out of 10 people work from a chair that doesn’t fit them.

Ergochair start with the individual. We know people aren’t built to fit into a few standard sizes.

We’ve built chairs for every size, medical condition, and postural problem.

Over 100,000 people sit comfortably and work productively in an Ergochair product.

Our Story

Ergochair was founded in 2002 by professionals in the seating and ergonomics space who saw that the existing off-the-shelf products weren’t cutting it for people with postural issues and disabilities.
As people tried chair after chair and eventually came to us for help, we realized just how much size matters for everyone.
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Ergonomic Design

Our range of seating has been developed through a program of continuous innovation in consultation with health professionals.
Everything is designed and handmade by our craftsmen in the UK.
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Why Bespoke Chairs?

Improper seating forces you to adopt an awkward posture. Its not just uncomfortable, it’s a leading cause of chronic back pain and can lead to long term health issues.
Our decades’ experience and unbounded manufacturing process means we can help meet any need.
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All of our dealers are given access to easiSpec®, our online platform for specifying custom built chairs.

It’s a powerful platform that makes choosing from 1,000s of variations and sizes logical and easy to use. It starts with body dimensions and incorporates pre-existing postural, disability, and accessibility concerns. Finally, its personalised for comfort and style to create the perfect fit in any setting

Corporate Partners

Ergochair is recommended by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and is a key partner to the government’s Access to Work program.

We’ve partnered with leading companies to help them to meet the needs of their employees…at work and at home.

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