ErgoDriver® is the first back support that can be tailor-fitted for individual support.

Drivers’ seats come in one size and are not designed to accommodate individuals with postural issues. The ErgoDriver is the only back support that can provide individualised support for drivers with special postural needs without the need to retrofit car seats which is prohibitively expensive and only suits a single driver in a single vehicle.

Designed in collaboration with the RAC, the ErgoDriver system keeps drivers comfortable and on the road, while ensuring employers are meeting their legal requirements to accommodate for employees in need.

  • Tailored – Moveable air cells can be positioned exactly where support is needed and then moved easily due to Velcro being stitched onto the air cells (Lumbar, Sacral, Vertical, Thoracic and Reactive air cell options)
  • Adjustable – Each air cell has its own separate inflator bulb, allowing for total control and adjustability
  • Inclusive – Air cells can be combined to provide support for an innumerable range of postural issues
  • Secure – Protected 3 way harness system fits securely onto most cars, vans & commercial vehicle seats
  • Quality – Memory foam layer provides maximum comfort in a super slim profile
  • Portable – Drivers can carry it with them for use across multiple vehicles
  • Breathable – High Performance, breathable Spacetec 3D fabric with freshFX technology for long lasting freshness
  • Preventative – Custom fit support prevents poor postures from being adopted during static driving

The ErgoDriver is available as the following kits:

Universal Drivers Back Rest Unit c/w
Large Lumbar Air Cell

Universal Drivers Back Rest Unit c/w
Triple Reactive Air Cell

Universal Drivers Back Rest Unit c/w
Full set of Air Cells (Sacral, Lumbar, Triple Reactive & Thoracic)

The air cells are also available to buy separately:

E/THOR Thoracic Air Cell upgrade –
includes tube & pump.

E/SACRAL Sacral Cell upgrade –
includes tube & pump.

E/3L Triple Reactive Air Cell upgrade –
includes tube & pump.

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