how to specify adapt® - the 'chair prescription' system

3 simple steps get an assessment


easiSpec® is our system which takes you through the simple steps needed to specify an adapt chair

It’s logical and simple to use by taking a set of body dimensions and factoring in any postural or disability issues, we can choose which adapt range suits you best, decide which adaptations will help and then produce an easiSpec ‘prescription’ to create the perfect chair for you we train our assessors and dealers well plus offer them ongoing support to make sure that everyone gets the best outcome, every time

adapt® - chairs that change lives!

adapt® chairs are right at the front of the queue when it comes to good ergonomics. Originally designed, as the name suggests, to be messed about with, they are completely customisable and built around the user. Over the last 14 years adapt chairs have earned their reputation for being well-built, hand-crafted and ergonomically sound


adaptations are ‘things we can do to a chair to tailor it” to help with a huge and still growing number of postural and disability needs. adaptations, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and range from simple additions like armrests and neck supports through to bespoke foam sculpting and inflatable air-cell positioning.


The Zen™ range has been designed for a new way of working... Smart Working.
It’s no secret that long hours spent sitting at work can lead to long-term health issues and postural problems - especially if using badly fitting or poorly designed seating. Good ergonomics can not only prevent poor posture, it can dramatically reduce the risk of aggravating existing problems, helping users to work in comfort and achieve their full potential.

Our mix and match combination of seats and backs allows us an unprecedented ‘size match’ of 95%


Bringing you ‘good ergonomics’ at entry level, with some postural support extras that you wouldn’t expect to find, zentoFit™ has truly redefined the standard


By incorporating some of the best bits of our adaptations into a range of portable posture products, you can get the benefit of the support you need at times when you can’t take your adapt chair with you!