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Designed for children and teens, the ergoKids® range of paediatric seating is available on a made-to-measure basis and is specified using our unique ergoKids easiSpec® system.

• Adapts to changing and growing needs
• Enables independence and engagement
• Relieves issues with pressure and mobility
• Provides postural support to facilitate functional activities
• Offers unlimited customisation

ergoKids® chairs offer:

• Increased pelvic stability
• Improved trunk and head alignment
• Optimum postural support to aid respiratory function
• Variable pressure relief options for increased comfort
• Easier transfers

ergoKids® chairs adapt to cope with changing and growing needs

• Modular components
• Non-clinical look and feel
• Multiple tilt and adjustment functions
• Completely customised
• Simple design and operation

Support Range


35kg - 100kg


1.2m - 2.1m



Width: 350mm - 510mm

Depth: 300mm - 570mm


Depth: 380mm - 660mm

Other information

Seat Height

360mm - 640mm

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