1234T Armrest

Height Adjustable, Retractable and Twistable Arms


  • User can position the arm pads to avoid conflict with the workstation.
  • Can be moved independently left and right to overcome compromise when using curved or radial desktops.
  • Can be used with the heavy duty HD arm and ADARM brackets.

Push button to initiate movement.

Twist arm pad allows user to position forwards, backwards and twist. It is ideally suited to users with shoulder issues. It can also prove beneficial where clients are using mini keyboards and/or central pointing devices.

Arms are reversible left to right to change the angle of the stantion to achieve a different arm pad position.

Width: Adjustment is achieved by loosening the turning handle, adjusting to your chosen position and re-tightening the handle to set.

Other information

Armrest Height Range

seat to top of pad: 150 - 240 mm

Pad Width

90 mm

Pad Length

250 mm

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