The Adapt 700 is a ‘heavy-duty’ solution to accommodate a bariatric user – up to 40 stone (250kg).

The adapt® 700 has a 2.5:1 Synchronous Tilt Mechanism which allows the users body angle to open at a much better angle to enable pressure relief on the midriff. This also allows you to adjust the backrest angle and the seat tilt independently of each other.

As standard the chair comes equipped with a composite foam seat to ensure the user will not ‘bottom out’ on the seat which can cause pressure sores.

Have a look in the sections below for adaptations and to download more information on adapt 700. Please note the Adapt 700 chair has a standard seat depth of 520mm.

The Adapt 700 SE standard production model is available on a 1-2 day delivery at no premium charged. Only available in Black AGUA CHEA fabric.

Support Range


150kg - 250kg


1.5m - 2.2m



Width: 620 mm

Depth: Min 420mm / Max 570 mm


Width: 560 mm

Depth: Min 450mm / Max 660mm

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