Our ‘petite’ offering, the Adapt 200 chair offers superb ergonomics for smaller, lighter users who are often not very well catered for in the general ergonomic chair market.

Whether for smaller adults, teens or children, the Adapt 200 is the perfect solution with a wide range of adaptations which you can select using our easiSpec system.

This chair is supplied on a made-to-measure only basis, handmade around your full set of body dimensions.

Have a look in the sections below for adaptations and to download more information on adapt200.

Support Range


35kg - 100kg


1.2m - 2.1m



Width: Min 270 mm / Max 480 mm

Depth: Min 330 mm / Max 440 mm


Width: Min 270 mm / Max 460 mm

Depth: Min 370 mm / Max 690 mm

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