A firm favourite with Facilities Managers.

When environments vary from hot-desking to home office working, a chair with maximum flexibility is required and ZentoSmartTM ticks all the boxes.

The huge adjustment capability of ZentoSmart means it’s the ideal choice for multi-user situations, proving a good fit for up to 98% of the working population.

It’s also certified suitable for 24-hour use

ZentoSmart has been designed and built to ensure that you are supported and comfortable in whichever posture you need to adopt for your particular working style or environment.

In addition to those standard features quoted, the ZentoSmart also features quite possibly the most comfortable sit available thanks to its combination Super Memory Foam seat with Coccyx Zone & ErgoCore™ Seat air cell, supplied as standard spec.

The ZentoSmart also features optional 4-D arms with height and width adjustment, plus individual pad depth & width adjustment and twist top positioning.

Plus, the uniquely articulated Zsmart Neck Roll

ZentoSmart Features:

• Super Memory foam seat
• Coccyx Relief Zone
• ErgoCore™ Seat Air Cell
• Lumbar Support Air Cell
• Independent Back Angle Adjustment
• Free Float Function
• 2:1 Synchronised Mechanism + additional 3 degrees of forward Tilt
• Double Seat Depth Adjustment (slide)
• Back Height Adjustment (ratchet)

optional extras:
• 4D Armrests
• Zsmart Neck Roll
• Polished Allow Base

Support Range


35kg - 150kg


1.2m - 2.1m

Other information

Back Height Med

520mm - 590mm

Back Height Heigh

580mm - 650mm

Seat Depth

440mm - 530mm

Seat Width


Seat Height

480mm - 620mm

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