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The Zenki® seating range combines superb comfort with innovative dynamic support for all working postures making it ideal for multi-tasking.

The gravity driven action of ZenkiSit and Zenki SitStand actively encourages frequent change of working position at the same time reducing stress and tiredness.

Combining excellent comfort with a unique gravity-driven action, the ZenkiSit allows fully-supported dynamic movement.

Two seat sizes and two back sizes combine as a mix and match capability meaning the vast majority of users are catered for in terms of adjustability.

ZenkiSit Features:

• VE Memory foam seat
• Coccyx Relief Zone
• Free Float Seat with independent Lock off
• Triple Reactive Lumbar Support Air Cell
• PCB Back Angle with independent Lock off
• Full Independent "Gravity Driven" Free Float Seat & Back Function
• Seat Depth Adjustment (slide)
• Back Height Adjustment (ratchet)

optional design enhancements:
• ErgoCore™ Seat air cell
• 4D Armrests
• Zenki Articulate Head Rest
• Polished Alloy Base

35kg - 100kg
1.2m - 2.1m

Back Height Med
540mm - 610mm

Back Height High
610mm - 680mm

Seat Depth × Width Med
440mm - 500mm × 480mm

Seat Depth× Width Large
470mm - 530mm × 510mm

Seat Height
480mm - 590mm