Vertical Support Cell

This air cell can be placed on either the left or right side of the backrest (or indeed both) to help accommodate a gap in back contact for asymmetrical back conditions or it can be placed wider apart on either side of the backrest to offer a more general lateral/side support

Air-cells are completely flat when inactive and inflate to approx depth of 80 -90 mm
Backrest air-cell options come with an inflation bulb as standard.
Battery pump option is also available as an upcharge item

On our adapt200, 600 & 700 ranges, we will place this cell exactly where you need it; use our easiSpec system and guides to make this happen

Other information

Cell Dimensions: (approx)

Height > 200 mm / Width > 100 mm

Order Code:

VSL (left) VSR (right) VSB (both)

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