how to specify adapt® - the 'chair prescription' system

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Our adapt700 chair offers the perfect heavy-duty solution for larger users.
With a multi-layered foam construct seat, specifically designed for larger users, a heavy duty mechanism and metalwork componentry and an inflatable lumbar support as standard, the adapt700 also offers a good range of adaptations which you select using our easiSpec system

Have a look in the sections below for adaptations and to download more information on adapt700

150kg - 250kg
1.5m - 2.2m

Width: 620 mm
Depth: Min 420mm / Max 570 mm

Width: 560 mm
Depth: Min 450mm / Max 660mm

most people know about the major elements that make up an office chair. What's more interesting though, is what we can do with them. this is where each chair becomes unique - we create a prescription based on the user needs and customise all the different elements to fit them, and them alone.