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Our flagship adapt product, the adapt600 offers limitless customisation which is achieved by using our easiSpec system to choose the tailored size and any adaptations you need.
The adapt600 range is also where you need to be if you are looking for bespoke adaptations; we can go 'back to the drawing board' to create very specific solutions for seating issues

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45kg - 150kg
1.5m - 2.2m

Width: Min 410 mm / Max 610 mm
Depth: Min 340 mm / Max 610 mm

Width: Min 410 mm / Max 510 mm
Depth: Min 350 mm / Max 670 mm

most people know about the major elements that make up an office chair. What's more interesting though, is what we can do with them. this is where each chair becomes unique - we create a prescription based on the user needs and customise all the different elements to fit them, and them alone.

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