ZenkiDesk is the first ever 3-dimensional adjustable ergonomic work desk, specifically designed to fit users of all shapes, sizes and abilities. The ZenkiDesk adjusts quickly and intuitively (at the push of a button) to enable workers to achieve a good neutral posture, whilst performing any office based task – whether working with keyboard & mouse, reading, writing, drawing or simply talking on the ‘phone.

The ZenkiDesk can help with prevention or relief of many workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel, RSI and neck and shoulder pain. Zenki is truly intuitive, making work feel easy and comfortable. Especially good for users with disabilities or posture problems.

Healthy working is all about frequently changing posture. Zenki is the only desk that neutralises the negative effects of static loading by adjusting to the user’s posture, regardless of standing, perching or sitting.

Ensure you get the very best performance possible by personalising your ZenkiDesk using our innovative range of accessories including:
• Monitor Post • Monitor Arm • Universal Laptop Stand / Copy Holder • Universal Tablet Holder • Adjustable Heavy-Duty Foot Rest

ZenkiDesk features:
• Dycem® non-slip surface (included)

Primary Surface Adjustment Angles – Suggested use as follows:
• -8° Negative Keyboard (neutral wrist position – body inclined/upright)
• 0° Standard Work Surface
• +8° Positive Keyboard (neutral wrist position – work surface mirroring reclined body position)
• 15° Ideal position using Touch Screen [iPad®/Tablet]
• +20°/+25° Writing/Drawing
• +30° reading
• Weight Lift Capacity: 70Kg Max
• Lift speed: 25mm/sec

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