zenki Sit-Stand/Perch


The ZenkiSit-Stand offers a gravity driven action that actively encourages frequent change of working position at the same time reducing stress and tiredness.

Combining excellent comfort with a unique gravity-driven action, the chair allows fully-supported dynamic movement.

The ZenkiSit-Stand features a perching stool which has a contoured locator seat with Coccyx Zone to promote correct posture and an auto brake function that comes into effect when the seat raises above 600mm.

It is the first true Hybrid ergonomic solution for Sit Stand working, making it possible to work comfortably in any posture you choose.


The ZenkiPerch is a quality perching stool. It features a unique locator seat that enhances great posture by including a pommel at the front and a coccyx relief zone at the back.

As standard, the Perch comes with a memory foam seat, a brilliant seat tilt, auto brake castors for safe perching and upholstered in a quality faux leather fabric.

ZenkiSit-Stand features:
• Contoured “locator” seat with Coccyx Zone
• VE Memory foam seat pad
• Free Float Seat with independent Lock Off
• Lumbar Support Air Cell
• PCB Back Angle with independent Lock Off
• Fully Independent “Gravity Driven” Free Float Soat & Back Function
• Auto Brake function when seat rises above 600mm

ZenkiPerch features:
• Contoured “locator” seat with Coccyx Zone
• VE Memory foam seat apd
• Mechanism with forward tilt
• Brake loaded castors for safe operation

further optional extras:
• Footring

Support Range


35kg - 100kg


1.2m - 2.1m

Other information

Sit-Stand Back Height x Width

510mm - 580mm x 470mm

Sit-Stand Seat Depth × Width

450mm - 510mm × 490mm

Sit-Stand Seat Height

560mm - 780mm

Perch Seat Depth × Width

420mm × 470mm

Perch Seat Height

500mm × 700mm

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