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the clinic is our library of resources to help you understand the benefits of good ergonomics

Good ergonomics and how to sit well


...knowing how to get the best out of your office chair can improve your sitting experience by 50%

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The average sized person and other myths


Barber shop quartets don't have much call for guitar players...

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Dash it all! Let’s talk ergonomics.

What is ergonomics? Our Maverick writer puts his own cynicism to flight

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Ergochair announce launch of NEW much-awaited V600 office chair featuring an infinitely adjustable backrest.

V600 master logo

West country office chair manufacturer Ergochair announced today that they are adding a new revolutionary product to their comprehensive range.

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RIP RSI – Stop the pain snowballing


Pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse is painful and debilitating so it's vital that you work in a comfortable, properly adjusted environment.

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