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This CPD accredited, interactive course is designed to provide a thought-provoking and explorative learning experience.

Founded on accepted principles of ergonomics and anthropometric data, our easiSpec training course delivers a tool-box of assessment skills, alongside practical, up-to-the-minute solutions in special-needs, ergonomic seating.

Course duration is normally 10 am – 4 pm and content includes a ‘Case-study Clinic’ & Lunch!

You’ll also get a 5-hour CPD certificate

Our easiSpec® course has been designed to:

  • offer a no-nonsense approach to ergonomics and how we apply this to chairs
  • dispel a few myths about the ‘average person’
  • give practical training on body measuring
  • supply a step-by-step system to help you use the easiSpec software to specify the perfect chair for your client
  • support your CPD requirement

EasiSpec Training – Full ‘Aims & Objectives’:

  • To understand the anthropometrics of the UK adult, working population, what constitutes an average person and how this relates to office seating.
  • To understand the level and scope of MSK disorders in UK.
  • To explore accepted principles of ergonomics and apply them to office seating.
  • To gain a working knowledge of what constitutes an office chair and learn basic functions and principles.
  • To learn about specialist solutions available to cater for postural problems and disabilities including opportunity for a ‘case-study’ clinic.
  • To understand the triage approach to office chair specification.
  • To understand how to accurately take and record body dimension data.
  • To learn how to use the easiSpec® software tool to create a chair prescription.


Upcoming easiSpec Training Dates at our Head Office in Bristol


  • November – Wednesday 14th
  • December –  Thursday 13th


  • January –   Tuesday 17th
  • February – Tuesday 12th
  • March –      Thursday 14th
  • April –         Wednesday 17th
  • May –          Thursday 16th
  • June –         Friday 14th

training dates

If you'd like to find out more about assessor training or book onto a course, get in touch via our contact page by clicking here.