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We celebrate individualism and independence; in fact it’s one of the main qualifications for joining the Ergochair family. So we have an eclectic mix of unique people, overflowing with expertise and creativity, here are a few of them:

Nick Arnold

Sales Director

Nick is the face of Ergochair to many of our customers and contacts. An authority on all things ergonomic, he is passionate about improving people’s comfort at work. Nick is a natural raconteur who loves sharing his wealth of knowledge… or regaling us with one of his hilarious misadventures

Dean True

Production Manager

Dean is the longest standing member of the crew and for the last 12 years has ensured everyone in the factory is happy and that we meet our deadlines in plenty of time. There at the very beginning of Ergochair with David, there’s not much Dean doesn’t know about producing unique chairs and running a team of passionate craftsmen

Alan Powell

Purchasing Manager

Alan manages the hardware. Imagine keeping on top of stock and supplies for a factory that needs feeding very particular raw materials so that we can produce individual, bespoke products… No, we don’t know how he does it either, but thank goodness he does

Jodie Irwin

Customer Relationship Manager / Office Manager

Jodie manages the office and keeps everything organised. A formidable multi-tasker she also lends her expertise to making certain our customer experience is just about the best there is. She also ensures nobody cheats at Pop Master at 10.30 every morning

Charlotte Bassett

Administrative Assistant

Charlotte is our Admin Assistant and order processor. As she's the chief phone answerer, she's very likely to be your first point of contact with us.
A whizz at all things 'admin', Charlotte loves to travel and is also a dab hand at whipping up a batch of energy bars