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our story

Ergochair was created in 2004 due to a large and significant gap in the market in regards to office chairs.

In previous times, there were thousands of ‘ergonomic’ office chairs available, some even had a variety of simple features, functions and button. However they all had one thing in common; they were standard sizes. Mass produced products don’t take into consideration the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes.

So, what was the solution?

We realised that the key to comfort and support in an office chair was making sure that the basic fit was correct for the user. Something that no other chair manufacturer offered. Once we had established the ‘fit’ we would then be able to use this individual information to look at what other specific postural needs the user had.

With this in mind, we developed our unique system. Taking a precise set of measurements from a person, which we then translated into a unique personal profile from which we could then create the perfect size chair.

We called this system and product adapt®


but we didn’t stop there. We then further developed other enhancements to make the chairs even more customisable with armrests, head and neck supports etc. as basic level adaptations.

The real magic however, came in the form of our revolutionary assessment and specification system easiSpec®


Using this system, we worked alongside many Occupational Therapists and Physios and were able to generate a tailored chair prescription incorporating our sculpting and air-cell technologies. This was perfect for creating bespoke chairs specifically for individual needs and/or disabilities.

Today, Ergochair, Adapt and easiSpec are UK registered trademarked products supplied through our network of authorised specialist dealers.